Robin Hanley

Robin Hanley is recognized throughout the world for her spiritually inspired works of art.

Her compelling story regarding the intricate Divine Design of her art and Biblical prophecy was prominently featured in the Amazon Documentary TORAH CODES - END TO DARKNESS: starring renowned Jewish Biblical Scholars, Scientists and Sages;

Robin's art has been presented to Presidents, the United States Secretary of Defense and Secretary of State. Her painting titled Jerusalem of Gold hangs in the office of Israel's Ministry of Defense and Tribute to a Warrior is displayed in the Israeli Knesset and the office of Israel's Minister of Justice. Her painting of IDF Soldier Gilad Shalit titled "Coming Home" is prominently displayed at Ha Miflaht, The Soldier's House in Jerusalem.

Robin's American values inspire her to focus on the men and women who serve the cause of freedom. She was guest speaker for Wounded Warriors as she shared her art. Her acclaimed painting depicting NYPD officer Vinnie Gravelli, carrying a small child to safety in the midst of the devastation of 9/11 is displayed in the NYPD conference room. In addition to her art, Robin is a strong advocate for women and children. Her moving art is featured in Women's Crisis centers around the nation. Robin also works passionately at bringing inspirational stories to film.

She is co-executive producer of the major motion picture, "I'm Not Ashamed," The Rachel Joy Scott Story. I'm Not Ashamed was nominated for Best Inspirational Film of the Year 2017 by The G.M.A. Dove Awards. The film is about the life and faith of Rachel Joy Scott, the first student killed in the Columbine mass shooting. It is a life changing and inspiring true story of one teenage girl's impact in her school, her city and a Nation. Robin is an associate member of WGAw and a member of Film Independent.

Robin's passion is being a voice for the voiceless as depicted through her illustrations in children's books.